Weekday Words by Paula Fairsloth

hands tapping on mac keyboard

As seen in The Read Horse fiction zine issue 11

I key-tap, You data-enter,
We document-print, Us paper-denters.
I minute-take, You stamp-stick,
We extension-dial, Us mouse-click.
I call-hold, You refresh-screen,
We dust-catch, Us daydream.

Cross the threshold, let stiff shoes fly,
our toes extend, blend and calcify.

I pouch-plump, you chimney-poke,
we marble-stare, us curls-stroke.
I crown-kiss, you gullet-slide,
we stalk-sniff, us nugget-glide.
I juicer-squeeze, you velvet-suck.
we paw-hold, us wing-tuck.

I leg-dangle, you sleep-jangle,
we dream-tangle, us alarm-strangle.

Our three-toed paws
return to hands once more.

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