Vote for Quadrilles

Feel like this government doesn’t represent you? Then vote Quadrilles, the ethnically diverse, pro-gay trivumvirate.  

Reasons the Quadrilles musical triumvitrate is more representative of the general population than the current ConDem government:

Our cabinet is 33.3% female
Our cabinet is 33.3% ethnically diverse
Our cabinet is 33.3% homosexually diverse
Our cabinet is 33.3% speshul needs
Our cabinet is not tested on animals
Our cabinet is 66.7% bearded
Our cabinet is 99.9% biodegradable
We have front-line experience working in education & the NHS.
We use environment friendly transportation on a daily basis.
None of us wear stab-proof vests when we’re out in Peckham.
None of us went to Eton.

We can’t make Theresa May resign as Equality Minister, but with your help we could play the main stage at the Sunrise Festival and that’s something, right!?

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