The Sacrifice Tree

Submitted to Popshot Magazine for consideration June 2010.

Nosey, 19, creeps down the road,
Avoiding neighbourly eyes.
Dumps her dog-eared Mills and Boons,
Genuflects and sighs.

Foreign, 45, left a box of plates
As broken as his heart.
13, laughing, hauled a mattress
And didn’t wait for dark.

Noisy, 92, gave two half-used pots of whey protein
Gone in record time;
Found one mangled bass guitar
And a Hedera helix vine.

But in daylight we pass each other guiltily.
That salvaged sofa sleeps trackside, a squat for moss.
That reclaimed bike (the fixer-upper) is the shed’s unwanted pregnancy.

Though I’ll never forget the day,
I found two drunks at play
On an abandoned piano.

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