The Man at 65 Sancroft Street

shadow of man by window in sepia

For The Read Horse Issue 5: Whispers, Mountains and Betrayal.

Have you seen
That man who’s leaning out the sill?
Throwing toothless sucking kisses
To every miss and missus,
Never misses
Never ill,
Always at his window sill.

It’s like that scene
In Silence of the Lambs
Where multiple Miggs, member in hands,
Gets his bits, shoots and hits
Poor Clarice?
I wipe my face; a droplet of rain,
But one day, I looked up and he…..

Put a plague on every balcony scene!
Raped Rapunzel, ravaged Romeo,
Ruined the whole of Shakespeare’s folio.
And now I cannot look
At a single curtain hook
Without dry-retching.
But, what’s far less fetching,
Is my jealousy, when I see.
Him slavering at someone uglier than me.

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