Looking for distractions: found Jesus

Surfing the cracks of face for something to do I though I’d chat to my and see if anything was up with the folks. She asked me for some ideas for a poem she had to write for school. Being bored I said I’d do her homework for her. The topic: Christianity. We toyed with the possiblity of expressing the internal struggle of today’s youth when choosing the Lord over knife crime but went for something much simpler instead. I give you: “Looking for Jesus”.

I was looking for Jesus whilst shopping one day,
Not over the hills and far away,
But in aisle 9, behind the frozen peas,
I thought I caught him crouching on both knees
tying up his sandal-lace,
a look of embarrassment across his face,
to be caught out shopping, and this the Sabbath too,
but on closer inspection it wasn’t true.
Just a man of a similar colour and build,
looking to see if his product was hand or machine milled.
At the checkout I thought I saw another glimpse,
a messianic whisp, obscured by a purple rinse
then someone bumped into my trolley
and he was lost amidst the beeps.

Later in the car park,
grey rain falling, engine wouldn’t start.
I swore and I cursed,
my freezables were thawing, I needed to depart!
The clouds divided,
some rays poked through,
And I thought
YES! JESUS, this must be you!
But NOT ONE resurrecting sputter,
so I sat and mourned my melting butter.

And it’s only when I’ve eaten most of my supplies,
that the blasted recovery van arrives
To tow me home, where I slump and turn on the TV.
Guess who’s there staring right back at me?
In footage from a war-torn town,
I can glimpse a thorny crown
and washed downstream by a natural disaster,
Yup, there’s our one and only lord and master!
He’s not hide’n’sneaking in some household nook,
or folded in the pages of a pop-up book.
No. He’s ont’telly!

I do wonder if my publishing it on Facebooks means she can’t pass it off as her homework anymore. Oh well. We’ll I’m bored and want props from my peers. Maybe YOU would like to write one for her too?

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